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October 01, 2015

BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2015: dream boats

A huge range of products and services for water sports enthusiasts and water tourists from 26 to 29 November 2015 in Berlin

Regardless of whether they prefer the wind in their sails or the sound of a motor boat, with water sports activities now coming to an end, from 26 to 29 November 2015 at BOAT & FUN BERLIN water sports enthusiasts and water tourists can make their preparations for the coming year. The Berlin Boating Exhibition is one of the leading events with an emphasis on lakes, inland waterways and coastal waters. On 25 November 2015 BOAT & FUN BERLIN will open with the GALA Night of the Boats, which for the first time is being organised together with ’boote’, the magazine for motorboat enthusiasts. From Wednesday to Sunday, over a period of five days, around 700 exhibitors will be showcasing their products and services. The displays comprise the following sections: Motorboats, E-Boats, Sailing, Second-hand Boats & Refitting, Equipment and Accessories, Water Tourism along with chartering and presentation of marinas, the Angler World, FUN Sport, Diving, Canoes & Kayaks as well as Classic Boats.

New: ’Manufactum – Hi-tech vs. Handicrafts’ in the Second-hand Boat section

The Refitting section, previously combined with Classic Boats, is moving to Hall 1. For Germany's largest second-hand indoor market for boats the 'Manufactum – Hi-tech vs. Handcrafts’ display area is a perfect additional attraction. It provides an interactive forum for restorers of classic yachts and anyone intending to refit their own boat. This display with its focus on manual skills is divided up into theme islands. Experts will be demonstrating their individual techniques to visitors who can then try out their own skills.

New: ’WHISKY and SPIRITS’ meets classic boats

The departure of the Refitting section from Classic Boats means the arrival of something new: this year numerous importers and sellers of alcoholic spirits are represented side by side with classic boats and cars and will be awaiting visitors to Hall 6 with an extensive range of whiskies and spirits.

Sailing boats and yachts at the jetty in Hall 25

Visitors to the jetty in Hall 25, which is being set up in cooperation with YACHT – Europe's largest sailing magazine, can view the latest sailing boats and yachts as if they were in a harbour and gain an overview of the variety of design and equipment featured by these craft. A second medium-high platform, which was put in place last year, provides berths for the popular day sailer category. Furthermore, The Sailing Boat hall features a wide range of sailing equipment and accessories. Visitors who wish to join a sailing club will be spoilt for choice. To date, 14 clubs and three associations (Deutscher Segler-Verband, Berliner Segler-Verband, Deutscher Hochseesportverband HANSA) have registered to attend, more than ever before.

Best of Boats Award 2015

The Best of Boats Awards (BOB Awards) is the international prize-giving event for motorboats which was first held last year and will take place at BOAT & FUN BERLIN on 25 November 2015. This year’s awards are divided into the following categories: Best for Beginners, Best for Family and Best for Fun. The Best for Fishing category is new for 2015. The jury, made up of boat magazine journalists from 14 countries, will also honour the most remarkable boats in 2015 for the main European markets and sailing regions. This prize takes both boat owners and manufacturers into account.

The range of motorboats, motor yachts and exhibitors at BOAT & FUN BERLIN is unparalleled. In all, there are three halls featuring motorboats only. BOAT & FUN is among Europe’s leading exhibitions with a huge selection of small and medium-sized motorboats of up to ten metres in length. Up to 500 boats are expected to be on display, including a growing number of models that will be debuting on the German, European and world stage. Halls 2 and 4 are devoted mainly to boats measuring up to seven metres, including many hydroplanes made by popular makes as well as small craft. In Hall 3 a central boulevard has been set up to display motor yachts. To the left and right of the aisles tall boats from major shipbuilders will be on display. Bavaria, Jeanneau and Beneteau will be represented, as will Galeon and Delphia from Poland, Linssen, De Boarnstream and Abim from the Netherlands and Targ from Finland. The E-Boat section features the latest in boats with electric motors, hybrid motors and fuel cell motors.

Positioned perfectly between the motorboat and sailing boat sections, the hall featuring Accessories is the focal point of the boating exhibition. This is where visitors can find equipment and accessories for all types of boats, including electronic navigating equipment, engines, trailers, maps of lakes and waterways, propellers, clothing, floating jetties, insurances and ropes.

The FUN section at BOAT & FUN BERLIN presents fun water sports such as surfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, stand-up paddling and diving. Germany’s largest pool (hall 21a) for special events (1,000 square metres) is equipped with a wakeboard cable system. This is where the spectacular WAKE MASTERS contest will be taking place for the fourth time, with Germany’s best wakeboarders competing against each other. In hall 21b visitors can try out diving in a container with built-in windows.

In close cooperation with leading canoe manufacturers a Canoe and Kayak Discovery World has been set up at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. In hall 22a visitors can discover everything that canoeing has to offer. Introductory canoeing and kayaking courses will be offered in a special pool, where visitors can test the water worthiness of various manufacturers’ boats over a water course.

The Angler World (hall 22b) has become an event in its own right at BOAT & FUN BERLIN and has developed into a popular meeting place for anglers as well as an important marketplace. Brandenburg and Berlin alone boast around 76,000 anglers who are registered with 1,400 associations and clubs, and at the Angler World they can find everything the angling heart desires. The main attraction of the Angler World is the outstanding Angler Forum in the centre of the hall. This is where celebrity anglers will be demonstrating the art of getting fish to bite. Next to the Angler Forum numerous companies will be showcasing their products and services, including accessories and fishing trips. In the ‘fly-casting area’, the Casting section and in the drilling simulator fishing enthusiasts can try out their own skills. Among this year’s new highlights is a large area featuring fishing boats and fishing kayaks.