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October 21, 2016

BOAT & FUN BERLIN – bigger and better than ever

Over 700 exhibitors from 15 countries in 12 halls – An entire hall devoted to houseboats and floating homes – Sloops, a new trend, on more than 600 square metres – Medum-sized boats make a comeback with 30-foot motorboats – Outdoor Sports Hall features canoeing and cycling

An entire hall devoted to houseboats, the inclusion of bicycles in the Outdoor Sports section, as well as the Wake Masters final – these are only a few of the highlights at BOAT & FUN BERLIN, which will take place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from 24 to 27 November 2016. More than 700 exhibitors from 15 countries are showcasing the latest trends on the boating market. They include sloops, which will be setting the tone on an area of more than 600 square metres, as well as 30-foot yachts which are making a comeback. Overall, the 12 halls feature a lot more than just boats, instead the ‘whole world of boating and outdoor sports’. Despite this, for fans of large and fast boats and adventurous kayaking enthusiasts a visit is sure to be worthwhile, with more than 550 boats on display.

As in every year the GALA NIGHT OF THE BOATS will open BOAT & FUN BERLIN on the eve of the event. This year the focus is on singer songwriters whose musical themes closely reflect the bond between boating and outdoor sports. During the GALA on 23 November 2016 the Best of Boats Awards will also be announced.

New hall devoted to houseboats and floating homes

Houseboats are becoming more and more popular even with those who are not fans of water sports. In Berlin, a European region full of rivers and lakes, the dream of living on the water is possible almost on one’s doorstep. That is why, for the first time, BOAT & FUN features an entire hall exhibiting rafts, houseboats and floating homes. A Houseboat and Charter Boat Forum has also been set up in cooperation with the Delius Klasing Verlag and boote Magazine. Here, visitors can find out everything from experts about planning and building boats and how to look for a berth. In Hall 6 Jürgen Strassburger, an expert on boat cruises, will have lots of practical tips and ideas for trips and holidays on a houseboat as well as exclusive and individual advice on tours.

Three halls featuring motorboats and yachts

There are three halls devoted solely to motorboats and yachts, including those debuting on the German, European and world stage. Hall 2 is reserved for small boats and inflatable dinghies. The E-Boat section is especially worth a visit, where there are electric and hybrid craft on show.

Hall 3 is where the major European makes are gathered, among them Bavaria, Jeanneau, Beneteau, Delphia and Galeon. Popular steel-hulled boats and cruisers are here too, including Linssen, Succes, Marco, Unruh, Brandsma and Keser. The premium market is rounded off by Broom, Nimbus, Axopar, Committi and da Vinci. The highlight will be the Germany debut of the Bavaria R40 Fly.

In the Motor Yacht section BOAT & FUN BERLIN is setting the tone with the ’comeback of medium-sized motorboats’. Boatbuilders are now creating new and affordable space-saving craft made from FRP which are suitable for rivers, lakes and coastal waters. Five boats are being exhibited in Hall 3.2 alone: the Beneteau Swift Trawler 30, the North Aegean Yachts Trawler 30, the ProBoot 30 from Jansma, the Nimbus 305 Coupe and the Luna 30 from Brandsma.

Hall 4 is reserved for hydrofoils and features many different types: they include open-deck bowriders and wide-bodied hydrofoils made by Sea Ray, Sting Ray, Four Winns, Aqualine, St. Tropez, Regal, Saver, Mastercraft Olympia, Parker Drago, Bella, Bayliner, Quicksilver and Terhi, as well as small cruisers from Viking and Inter.

Sloops are another new trend at the show, one that cannot be overlooked. They are open-deck boats in which two people, the family or business partners can relax at the helm, with a picnic hamper for example. At BOAT & FUN BERLIN a display area of 600 square metres will be devoted to them. The Netherlands is strongly represented, with boats from Interboat, Maril, Menken, Alfastreet and Cooper.

Second-hand boats and a maritime flea market

The second-hand boat market in Hall 23 has been designed to specifically bring newcomers and private boat sellers together. Water sports enthusiasts aiming to buy a new boat will be looking to find a buyer for their old one. Newcomers in search of a moderately priced boat can gain an overall impression of the market and make their choice from a large selection of second-hand boats. Haggling between friends is what the first maritime flea market at BOAT & FUN BERLIN is all about. Boat owners can also find spares, accessories and tools for their newly acquired second-hand boat. The maritime flea market will be selling all kinds of treasures from the world of boating as well as decorative and water sports items.

Water sports close-up and hands-on

BOAT & FUN BERLIN is not just for admiring the displays but also for trying things out and testing the water, if visitors decide to do so. The special events pool, which covers 1,000 square metres and features a cable system, is offering introductory wakeboarding courses. This is also where visitors can test their coordination and balancing skills with stand-up paddling and at SUP polo. They can also try out diving in a container with built-in windows. In the pool visitors can test the handling qualities of kayaks and canoes, and in the Fly-Casting Area they can practice fly tying and fly-fishing. They can also try out a bicycle of their choice on a special testing circuit.

From day sailers to keel yachts

Visitors to the jetty in Hall 25 can view the latest sailing boats and yachts as if they were in a harbour and gain an overview of the variety of designs and equipment featured by up to 35-foot boats from Dufour, Sunbeam and Balt. Yachts from Jeanneau and Bavaria are on show on the respective companies’ stands in Hall 3.2.

The popular day sailer category is on display on an adjacent raised platform. Among the highlights are a Green Bente of the successful Bente24 team including Stefan Boden and Alexander Frolijk. Boats in all price categories specifically for lakes, rivers and coastal waters from Viko, Antila, Skippy, Haber and Dragobfly are also on show nearby. Anyone looking for a sailing club can choose from 14 clubs and three associations who have already registered for the show: Deutscher Segler-Verband, Berliner Segler-Verband, the Trans-Ocean Club and Deutscher Hochseesportverband HANSA.

Captains Club in the Classic Boat Hall - whisky meets water

Traditional handicrafts are on display in the Classic Boat Hall (6.2). Occupying a display area of over 3,000 square metres lovers of classic craft are presenting a unique collection classic sailing boats, motorboats and cars. The exhibition of classic boats and cars will be augmented by numerous importers of spirits. In 2016 the German branch of the Riva Club is represented for the first time. Mature whiskies and other spirits offer the perfect accompaniment to these beautifully rebuilt boats and vehicles.

Spectacular jumps in the special events pool

In Hall 26 BOAT & FUN BERLIN will play host to Germany’s best wakeboarders demonstrating spectacular jumps and tricks. The boating exhibition is the venue for the last Wake Masters event. Covering 1,000 square metres, this special events pool in Hall 26a provides ideal conditions for wakeboarders, allowing them to demonstrate spectacular jumps and show off all their skills. Friday, 25 November promises to be a particularly exciting day and will feature an open training session of the wakeboarding elite. On Saturday, 26 November the highlight will be the Wake Masters 2016 championship featuring all categories. Those taking part in the competition, which was first held in 2009, will be vying for valuable points and a place in the rankings of the German Water Ski and Wakeboarding Association (DWWV). In Berlin, the last stop of the tournament, competitors will be able to gain up to 200 valuable points in a bid to secure first place on the podium.

Paddling and pedalling combined in a single adventure world

The adventure world in Hall 26c combining canoeing, kayaking and cycling features the entire world of muscle-powered outdoor exercise and water sports. Visitors can try out the handling qualities of the boats in a testing pool. The Spreewald, the Mecklenburg lakeland region and the River Oder: they all offer canoeing and kayaking enthusiasts many opportunities for paddling tours of Europe's largest region of lakes and inland waterways. In Berlin, at the very heart of this region, every fan of canoeing and kayaking can look forward to the upcoming season of water sports. At the same time this hall features the most popular muscle-powered outdoor activities. For this purpose, and in cooperation with Stadler, a bicycle testing area has been set up in the middle of the Canoeing Hall, where visitors can try out BMC, cross mountainbikes and the latest electrically powered bikes.

Angler World Berlin features the right boats

As always, the Angler World Berlin is an important marketplace for the industry, and is taking place at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. In Brandenburg and Berlin alone there are 76,000 anglers who belong to 1,400 clubs, and at the Angler World Berlin in Hall 5.2b they can find everything the angling heart desires. In the lecture area, the Anglers’ Forum, leading experts will be explaining the art of getting fish to bite. Enthusiasts can try out their skills in the Fly-Casting and Casting Area. Berlin benefits from being a successful market for small and medium-sized boats, and this is underlined by a special exhibition, taking place for the first time, of fishing boats from leading makes, including Buster, Boston Whaler, Aqualine, Silver and Terhi.

Holidays on the water

Chartered tours are booming. A study published in July of this year under the heading of 'The economic effects of water tourism in the Berlin/Brandenburg region' was able to provide impressive statistics confirming this trend for the first time. In Berlin/Brandenburg the annual turnover in the water tourism industry is 200 million euros. The prospects for further growth are good as the trend remains unbroken. BOAT & FUN BERLIN highlights this, and has information for visitors on sailing and motorboating destinations in places all around Europe. The geographical focus of the Berlin boating exhibition is on the lakes and inland waterways between the North Sea and the Baltic that are situated in Europe's largest region for water sports. As well as the region’s major charter companies the boats that one can hire are also at the event. This year, in addition to the Netherlands the focus is also on Poland, which is represented in unprecedented numbers.


Dates: 23 November 2016: 6 p.m. to 12 midnight

24 to 27 November 2016: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Entrance: south entrance, Jafféstrasse

Admission: day tickets 11 euros (online), 15 euros (ticket office)

family tickets: 22 euros (2 adults + a maximum of 3 children aged up to 14), GALA NIGHT OF THE BOATS: 30 euros

On Thursday, 24 November 2016 children and teachers keen on water sports will be admitted free of charge to BOAT & FUN BERLIN.

Full details of all the tickets available can be found under the heading for ’Visitors’.