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October 05, 2015

Highlights of the Angler World at BOAT & FUN BERLIN

For those who would rather catch big fish than watch them swim away Berlin is the place to be from 26 to 29 November 2015

The Angler World (hall 22b) has become an event in its own right at BOAT & FUN BERLIN and has developed into a popular meeting place for anglers as well as an important marketplace. Brandenburg and Berlin alone boast around 76,000 anglers who are registered with 1,400 associations and clubs, and at the Angler World they can find everything the angling heart desires from 26 to 29 November 2015. The main attraction of the Angler World is the outstanding Anglers Forum in the centre of the hall. This is where celebrity anglers will be talking about the art of getting fish to bite. The following experts are scheduled to speak:

Torsten Ahrens
Daniel Andrian
Ingolf Augustin
Arnulf Ehrchen
Benedikt Götzfried
Sebastian Hänel
Dietmar Isaiasch
Torsten Rühl
Thomas Schlageter
Jörg Strehlow
Veit Wilde

Next to the Anglers Forum numerous companies will be showcasing their products and services, including accessories and fishing trips. Among this year’s new highlights is a large area featuring fishing boats and fishing kayaks. In the 'fly-casting area' and the Casting section, which this year will be supervised by the angling club SC Borussia 1920, enthusiasts can try out their own skills.

In the 'fly-casting area' Ingolf Augustin (Royal Flyfishing) and Thorsten Rühl (YAD - Fishing) will be showing how to attach fly bait and teaching its correct uses. They will also be giving demonstrations showing the right casting techniques. Besides demonstrating overhead casting, pendulum casting, switch casting and roll casting they will also explain what equipment is needed.

Thomas Schlageter, an expert on using sonar, will be showing the latest devices in this field, which include plotters, and giving a talk on the capabilities of modern sonar technology.

You can find details of the programme of events at the Anglers Forum and other information on the Angler World taking place at BOAT & FUN BERLIN on Facebook at and at