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August 30, 2016

Going fishing? – first it’s a visit to the Angler World Berlin, the city’s biggest angling exhibition

• AQUADEMO – baiting demonstrations at Europe’s largest mobile aquarium

• Anglers Forum featuring well-known anglers and meet & greets with anglers of youTube fame

• Interactive: Fly Casting and Casting Sport Area, plus drill simulator

Berlin, 30 August 2016 – Fishing is a sport for all seasons, spring summer, autumn and even winter. For those who would rather catch big fish than watch them swim away the Angler World Berlin is the place to be. As an independent event it will be taking place in Hall 5.2b at BOAT & FUN BERLIN from 25 to 27 November 2016.

Over a period of three days visitors can find everything the angler’s heart desires at the Angler World Berlin. At the same time anglers with sporting ambitions as well as hobbyists from Berlin/Brandenburg will be gathering here. There are some 180,000 regular anglers in the local region, of whom around 75,000 are members of the Brandenburg Regional Angling Association, one of Germany’s largest state-wide angling organisations. The Anglers World features products and information on simply everything: fishing trips, fishing areas, fishing boats, kayaks, equipment, accessories, casting sport, fly casting, sonar technology and navigation. The Manufacturers’ Mile is a new feature where, in time for Christmas, selected stockists will be showcasing the latest seasonal trends and products for 2017 and offering them for sale.

Measuring 14 metres in length and holding 23,000 litres of water, AQUADEMO is Europe’s largest mobile aquarium and this year will be a special attraction for visitors. Professional anglers will be demonstrating how catfish, pike, carp and minnow react to bait.

At this year’s event the biggest attraction is the Anglers Forum. Among the angling celebrities attending will be Armin Adam, Torsten Ahrens, Ingolf Augustin, FLYRUS, Sebastian Hänel, Benedikt Götzfried, Dietmar Isaiasch, Michael Kahlstadt, Thomas Schlageter and Veit Wilde, who will provide an insight into their skills with papers and workshops.

On Saturday, 26 November 2016 anglers of YouTube fame will be attending the show, giving autographs and taking part in meet & greets. They include Big L – Fishing Channel, Hecht & Barsch, Florian Iaquinta, OderSpreeAngler and Victor – Ich geh angeln.

In the Fly Casting and Casting Sport Area, which will be supervised by the angling club SC Borussia 1920, enthusiasts can try out their own skills. In the Fly fishing area Ingolf Augustin (Kunstfliegen und Fliegenfischen aus Sachsen) and FLYRUS (Fliegenfischen Berlin) will be showing how to attach fly bait and teaching its correct uses. They will also demonstrate proper casting techniques. Besides giving demonstrations of overhead casting, pendulum casting, switch casting and roll casting they will also explain what equipment is needed.

A drill simulator which can be adjusted for difficulty and types of fish behaviour will demonstrate impressively how exhausting battling a big fish can be.

The Angler World in Hall 5.2b on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m from 25 to 27 November 2016. Tickets can be purchased online (11 euros) or from the ticket offices (15 euros) and are also valid for BOAT & FUN BERLIN.