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November 15, 2016

All-rounders for inland and coastal waters at BOOT & FUN BERLIN 2016

The latest 30-foot motor yachts really are all-rounders. Ideal for touring, they can also sprint over short distances and can weather high seas. They are as good inland as they are in coastal waters. For all those who once started out with a 25-foot boat and are looking for a moderate upgrade these craft represent the ideal compromise between size and comfort. And, in line with the current trend towards downsizing, for those keen on trading in their 40 or 50-foot boats for something smaller and sophisticated this new class is the right choice. It fills the market niche between smaller and luxury class boats, which along with yachts for newcomers have been booming lately.

These boats are all manufactured from glass fibre-reinforced plastic and are suitable for inland and coastal waters. Recognised and experienced boatbuilders provide these 30-foot yachts with cleverly designed fittings that blend comfort and style. At the same time they boast performance to satisfy everyone’s needs. The Beneteau Swift Trawler 30, for instance, has a range of 160 nautical miles. Its flybridge is designed as a proper sun deck where the crew can conveniently gather for a glass of prosecco. Engine output is 370 HP, ensuring fast progress. The Pro Boat 30 can be put to many uses. It is suitable for inland and coastal waters and is an eco-certified (CE-B) all-rounder. This is a sturdy, timeless motor yacht with a beautifully shaped hull, designed to withstand practically any weather conditions in the northern hemisphere, and is ideal for year-round travelling. Other boats in this class include the ProBoot 30 from Jansma, Nimbus 350 Coupé, Luna 30, Broom 37 and Jeanneau Leader 36.

For the above reasons it is no coincidence that many of the latest boats for inland and coastal waters are being exhibited for the first time in Berlin. Boasting a huge nearby region of lakes and waterways and with its proximity to the North Sea and Baltic, BOAT & FUN BERLIN is increasingly becoming the new marketplace for motor yachts for northern and eastern Europe. This new boat class will be on view in Hall 3.2 for the first time.

You can find a map of the grounds at BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2016 here.