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November 25, 2016

BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2016: Electric boats, bikes and cars

Driving pleasure and sustainable mobility: modern E-boats in Hall 2.2 – E-bikes in Hall 26 and E-cars in Hall 1

Electromobility is an important topic at this year’s BOAT & FUN BERLIN. Electric power not only moves cars and bikes. It can now also be found more and more on boats. “BOAT & FUN BERLIN is responding to this trend by combining three sections at the event. For enthusiasts it means relaxation not just on board but on land too, and with sustainable transport,” explains Daniel Barkowski, Head of Project, BOAT & FUN BERLIN.

The E-Boat section has now been established for nine years, and at BOAT & FUN BERLIN visitors will find it directly next to the south entrance in Hall 2.2. This is where boats will be on show featuring the latest in electric, hybrid and fuel cell motors. Their noise levels are equivalent to a sailing boat, and their impact on the environment is almost just as low. Three electrically powered boats alone have been nominated for the Best of Boats Awards: the Rand Picnic in the Beginners category, the Pehn eVario 660 in the Family Boat category, and the Nimbus 305 Coupé ePower in the Travel category. Visitors can take a look at all three at BOAT & FUN BERLIN.

Where powertrains are concerned the name of Fischer Panda should be mentioned. Based in Paderborn, this manufacturer of diesel, hybrid and fully electric systems will be exhibiting its new parallel hybrid motors, with outputs of 10 and 20 kW at 600/min-1 and torque ratings of 160 and 320 Nm. Parallel hybrid motors are ideal as auxiliary units on larger boats and ships powered by an internal combustion engine, and the electric unit is installed parallel to the existing powertrain. They are operated by an Easybox control unit which can also limit power, thereby increasing range.

At BOAT & FUN BERLIN Torqeedo from Gilching will be exhibiting the Cruise FP 2 kW, one of its prize-winning range of Cruise Pod motors. This is ideal for sailing on inland waters and recently received the prestigious DAME Award. The world market leader in electric boating will also be showcasing its new high-performance unit for motorboats, the Torqeedo Cruise 10 outboard motor.

What is probably Germany’s oldest electric boat will be on show in the Classic Boat Hall. Built in 1919, this saloon boat is currently being restored by Yachtzentrum Dahme-See. The original electric motor made by Siemens-Schuckertwerke has been removed and will also be on view. Berlin-based specialists in classic boat manufacturing will be displaying two restored exhibits: the ‘Gentlemen’s Yacht Ludwig’ from the Starnberger See which is being restored in cooperation with Torqeedo and which will be fitted with a high-performance DeepBlue motor. Also on show will be a Swedish-built Petterson motor for which special batteries were designed by TU München in cooperation with Kräutler Elektromaschinen.

Electric cars will also feature prominently at Autotage Berlin. 21 carmakers will be represented in Hall 1, including five (Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Audi and VW) who will be showcasing electric cars. BMW will be exhibiting the i8 and Tesla the new SUV Model X. More than 100 vehicles will be available to visitors for testing on the Berlin motorway stretch known as the ’Avus’, including electric cars. Expert promotional staff will accompany drivers on this stretch covering approximately 12 kilometres and lasting about 15 minutes.

In cooperation with Zweirad-Center Stadler bicycles, which are currently a major trend, will occupy their own section at this year’s BOAT & FUN BERLIN. Bicycles and e-bikes are now frequently mentioned in the same breath, especially those which can be pedalled to speeds of up to 25 km/h These will be demonstrating their maximum performance on a 10 per cent incline on a large test circuit set up in cooperation with Stadler in Hall 26c. Those looking for urban transport are bound to find the City E-bikes from Hercules and Pegasus an interesting proposition. Folding e-bikes such as the new E-Swing E8R from Pegasus can easily be transported on smaller boats. The choices are many, and they include e-mountainbikes from leading manufacturers such as Scott, Bulls, Trek, Focus and Cannondale. With these latest bikes, overcoming even the most demanding trail from a jetty to a mountain top no longer presents a problem and becomes pure fun instead. The wide-ranging programme of supporting events will also include BMX shows and a pump track for mountainbikers.

You can find a map of the grounds at BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2016 here.