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March 28, 2017

BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2017: Announcement of the jury of the Best of Boats Awards 2017

Once again, the Berlin boating exhibition is the premium partner of Europe’s major prize-giving event for motorboats

Berlin, 28 March 2017 – In only three years the Best of Boats Awards, whose premium partner is BOAT & FUN BERLIN, has established itself as a major international prize-giving event for motorboats in Europe. In time for this year’s water sports season the members of the international jury have been announced. They come from 15 countries and represent all of Europe’s important water sports regions and boatbuilding nations. All the jury members are chief editors or motorboat testers of their respective publications, many of which are the leading magazine in their country.

In 2017 Croatia, an important water sports region and especially for chartered tours, is represented for the first time. Krunoslav Mihic, chief editor of Croatia’s most popular boating magazine Burza Nautike, is the new member of the Best of Boats Awards jury. New magazines from two countries, Spain (Mares) and Germany (float), will be represented by regular members on the jury.

The Best of Boats Awards highlight all aspects of motorboat use and take owners' needs into account. This is reflected by the practical approach of the relevant categories. Besides Best for Beginners, Best for Family and Best for Fun, awards will also be presented in the new Best for Travel category. Also included will be the Best for Fishing category as well as a Special Award for groundbreaking new designs from the boat industry.

The Jury of the Best of Boats Awards 2017:
Alfred J. Boer (Varen and Yacht-View, Belgium/Netherlands)
Neale Byart (Motorboat Owner, UK)
Anton Cherkasov (Motorboat &Yachting Russia, Russia)
Gerasimos Gerolimatos (Skipper On Deck, Greece)
Enrique Curt Iborra (Mares, Spain)
Stanislaw Iwinski (Żagle, Poland)
Uwe Meiling (float, Germany)
Krunoslav Mihic (Burza Nautike, Croatia)
Tahsin Özen (Ocean7, Austria)
Bogdan Parfeniuk (Farvater, Ukraine)
Arek Rejs (Wiatr, Poland)
Dominique Salandre (Youboat, France)
Anna Sandgren (Praktiskt Båtägande and Båtnytt, Sweden)
Jan Sjölund (Venemestari, Finland)
Julijan Višnjevec (Val Navtika, Slovenia)
Maurizio Zacchetti (Vela e Motore, Italy)
Kerstin Zillmer (float, Germany)

The Best of Boats Awards are presented at the close of the annual water sports season at BOAT & FUN BERLIN, which will take place from 23 to 26 November 2017. As one of Europe's leading boating exhibitions for motorboats BOAT & FUN BERLIN is the premium partner of the Best of Boats Awards, a status it has held since 2014.

A photo and an infographic of the jury of the Best of Boats Award 2017 can be downloaded here in printable quality.

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