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November 16, 2016

Angler World Berlin features everything from fly casting to sonar fishing

With a total of 50 exhibitors from Germany and abroad the Angler World Berlin has established itself as the largest meeting place at a trade fair of fishing enthusiasts with sporting ambitions as well as hobbyists from the Berlin/Brandenburg region. From 25 to 27 November a display area covering 3,500 square metres in Hall 5.2b will reflect the growing popularity of this sport. Big-name brands will be represented, as well as retailers, tour operators, social networks and clubs. At the Angler Forum and AQUADEMO specialists will have useful tips and information on every facet of this sport.

The number of exhibitors who have registered for this year’s fair is far higher than in previous years. They include international companies from Denmark, the Netherlands, Austria and the Czech Republic. SPRO, WFT, WESTIN and Zanderkant are among the brand-name manufacturers who will be presenting the season’s latest trends and products for the New Year. Visitors who have long wanted to not only inspect products and have them explained on the premises of the manufacturers, but at their local retailers as well, will now have their wish fulfilled

Other brands will also be represented at the Angler World Berlin in the shape of fishing teams who will be demonstrating their baiting skills without hooks at AQUADEMO – Europe’s largest mobile aquarium, which has a capacity of 23,000 litres. These will include Fred Kotowski of Savage Gear und Okuma, Daniel Andriani of Hecht & Barsch and Jan Pusch of D.A.M. The SPORTEX and ZEBCO brands are supporting the Angler World Berlin’s communications and sponsoring outstanding tombola and game prizes. At the supporting outdoor events Conrad Electronics will supply the Angler World with drones capable of excellent aerial images, as well as feeding boats enabling the perfect catch for those fishing for carp.

Fishing tours are booming in Scandinavia especially, and this is reflected by the many products offered by tour operators such as Angelreisen E. Kienitz & I. Noelte, DIN TUR and Sportreisen Teltow. This year’s wide selection of fishing boats, dinghies and kayaks are also suited to the theme of tourism. Visitors will be able to make their own choices from brand names including Allroundmarin, Boston Whaler, Buster, Hobie Kayak, Silver, Smartliner, Terhi and YARO.

Among the local retailers making their regular appearance at the show will be Angeljoe, die Fischersozietät Tiefwerder Pichelsdorf, Floris Angelcenter and Köderwahnsinn. They will be ably supported this year by Fischers Fritze, who markets high-class sailing rope bands, as well as Fisherman’s Partner, a specialist store chain represented in numerous European countries.

Established Germany-wide retailers will include Angelsport Dorsten, BAGeno, Fischercenter Wasserburg, mb Fishing, MS Angelgeräte and Topwater-Productions. Ingolf Augustin and the members of FLYRUS from Berlin will be representing the small and exclusive fly-fishing section at the Fly Casting pool. Thomas Schlageter, an expert on using sonar, will be showing the latest devices in this field, which include plotters, and giving a talk on the capabilities of modern sonar technology.

For the first time the German Angling Association (DAFV) will be represented at a trade fair in Germany. Those keen to find out more will be well advised to visit the stand of Fischersozietät Tiefwerder Pichelsdorf, which will have fishing maps and information on fishing areas in Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as the information stand of the Regional Angling Branch (LAV Berlin) of the German Angling Association. For the second time the angling club Berliner Angelverein SC Borussia 1920 will be supervising the Casting Sport Area where enthusiasts can try out their own skills.

At the Angler Forum experts will be providing a wide range of information with lectures. Well-known specialists will talk about fishing for trout and the mystical catfish, and have comprehensive information for enthusiasts on fishing techniques ranging from surface bait to the use of sonar technology.

You can find details of the programme of events at the Angler Forum and other information on the Angler World taking place at BOAT & FUN BERLIN on Facebook and here.