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Everything about fishing: Supporting program with show character!

The supporting program of the ANGLINGWORLD BERLIN guarantees pure experience character. In the ANGELFORUM, angling professionals and guides will be on hand to demonstrate their expertise to visitors in lectures and panel discussions. Anglertalk is the LIVE fishing show for everyone who loves angling. In live broadcasts, Jan Pusch discusses angling topics with well-known guests from the angling scene. The YPC Talk - powered by HECHTUNDBARSCH.DE bundles the YouTube stars and newcomers of the scene and reviews the YPC 2021 in the form of interviews. The counterpart in the peacock area is provided by the Fishing Maniacs with the FISHING MANIACS CARP CAMP- the interactive area on the subject of carp fishing with expert lectures, interviews and workshops. The BAITTRUCK is Europe's largest mobile aquarium and at the same time a platform for team anglers of popular manufacturer brands, who will present their lure skills live on the truck. The casting area is supervised by STROFT Fishing Lines and is especially generously designed. The fly fishing area is also growing and thriving. Many old and new exhibitors place themselves around the flycasting basin and dedicate themselves to the supreme discipline of fishing with casting demos and workshops in fly tying.

Experience the stars and professionals of the scene up close and live in action!


Pro Staffer bait demos on Europe's largest mobile aquarium.

On the BaitTruck, team anglers from popular manufacturer brands such as Quantum, Savage Gear, Shimano, Sportex, Okuma and WESTIN will demonstrate their lure skills live on site. Of course, fishing will be done without hooks.

With its capacity of 23,000 liters and 14 meters in length, the gigantic aquarium alone is the highlight par excellence.

The stocking this year consists of the following fish species: eels, aland, perch, lead, chub, crayfish, pike, carp, roach, tench, catfish and zander.

Here you can find the program of the BaitTruck.

Download (PDF, 534.5 kB)

Fishing Maniacs


We are young, we are wild, fishing is more than a hobby for us - it's a lifestyle! We are a bit crazy and do everything with heart and soul. We are Fishing Maniacs! For us fishing is more than a hobby - for us it's a lifestyle.

Spending time in nature, experiencing moments that you can only experience when you are outdoors, traveling, meeting people - for us this is the most beautiful hobby in the world.

Here you can find the program of the FISHING MANIACS Carp Camp.

Download (PDF, 1.9 MB)


Top-class AngelForum powered by Rute & Rolle

The AngelForum powered by Rute & Rolle of ANGLINGWORLD BERLIN is one of the top-class lecture forums for seasoned angling professionals, but also for newcomers to the scene.

In the supporting program the AngelForum is the figurehead of the event and attracts visitors throughout. As in the previous year, the fishing magazine Rute & Rolle will be a partner of the AngelForum, and Georg Baumann, the magazine's editor-in-chief, will moderate the program.

Here you can find the program of the AngelForum.

Download (PDF, 1.1 MB)