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How to experience BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2021 safe

To ensure that you can board safely and enjoy our event to the full, a few basic hygiene measures apply to the staging of our event. Please take a moment to read through the following information:

The latest information from Messe Berlin on this topic can be found here.



The 3G rule applies to all visitors (from school age). This means that everyone must be vaccinated (full vaccination) or recovered or tested (up-to-date).
Only those who have proof gain access to the event.



All visitors should wear simple medical mouth-nose protection - no fabric masks please. Surgical mouth/nose protection (FFP2) is recommended. Mouth/nose protection must be worn at all times in all indoor areas. The wearing of mouth-nose protection also applies to all children who are of school age.



Part of the hygiene and safety concept is a concrete cleaning and hygiene plan. As part of this, in addition to the regular cleaning and disinfection of toilet facilities, door handles and handrails, mobile stations for hand disinfection can be found at the entrances to the grounds, as well as in the toilet facilities themselves.



According to §8 para. 1 CoronaVO, organisers are obliged to collect and store the following data: first name, last name, telephone numbers.



To protect yourself and others from infection, please keep distance. We ask all partici- pants to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meter.



All rooms and halls have mechanical ventilation to ensure sufficient air exchange rates during the event.


The safety and health of our exhibitors, partners and visitors have the utmost priority for us. Therefore, in coordination with the relevant public health authorities, Messe Berlin has developed a comprehensive safety and hygiene concept. The concept is based on the following principles: hygiene, physical distancing, ventilation and contact tracing. Based on these principles we are establishing an individual concept for each event, which takes the characteristics of the respective event into account and the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Details of measures for individual events can be found on the respective websites. If you have any queries please contact our colleagues coordinating your event. Contact information is available on the websites of the events.

Messe Berlin is guided by the principle that only persons who are able to present proof of a negative test result, vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 at the entrance to an event may be admitted. This rule applies only on the dates of the event, including during any rehearsals or handovers prior to the start of the relevant event (involving contact with customers). Construction and dismantling periods are exempt from this rule. As regards documentation requirements, the following must be observed:

• The document confirming a negative test result may not be more than 24 hours old.

• Vaccinated persons must supply proof that they have been fully vaccinated (a minimum of 14 days after their second jab with a vaccine approved by the European Union.

• Persons who recovered from Covid-19 more than six months ago must present a positive PCR test result as well as documentation of at least one jab with a vaccine approved by the European Union. If their recovery from Covid-19 fallsbetween 28 days and six months ago then presentation of a positive test result is sufficient.

The provisions of the SARS-CoV-2 Infection Protection Measures Ordinance valid at the time of the event apply. Currently, participants (visitors, exhibitors, service providers, caterers, stand construction personnel etc.) are required to wear a medical face

covering, i.e. surgical face mask. Persons taking part in outdoor events must wear a medical face mask when not at their assigned location.

In our general safety and hygiene concept we set out measures and notices to ensure that the physical distancing rule is observed. They include separate entrances and exits, access control, a reduction in seats in front of stages and catering areas as well as corresponding aisle widths. The hygiene concept pertaining to an individual event defines specific measures for that particular event.

In order to be able to trace and localise possible infections and in compliance with the legal provisions, information will be collected on all participants. For contact tracing purposes this will take place either during ticket registration or at the latest upon

admission. In addition to contact data (first and last name, telephone number, district or municipality of residence or place of fixed abode, full address or email address, attendance times, place / table numbers if available, the submission of a recognized COVID-19 negative test result or an exemption from it), information will be stored on the exact times of entry to and departure from the event venue. The data will be passed on to the relevant public health authorities solely upon official request. The data will be processed in accordance with the legal data protection requirements.

Messe Berlin guarantees that qualified personnel and corresponding facilities are available on site to provide immediate medical help at every event. Please refer to the hall plan of the relevant event to determine the exact location of the first aid room.
In the event that symptoms such as coughing or high temperature are detected before visiting the fair we instruct all participants, exhibitors and service providers not to enter the exhibition grounds and to consult a doctor immediately.
In an emergency on the exhibition grounds:
• First aid is available from a doctor of the DRK (German Red Cross), telephone: +49 30 3038-2222
In an emergency outside the exhibition grounds:
• Berlin hotline for suspected Covid-19 cases: +49 30 90 28 28 28 8 (8 a.m. - 8 p.m.)
• Medical on-call service (hotline): +49 116 117
• Ambulance service (emergencies only): 112
• Local doctors in Berlin (mostly English-speaking)
Remember: please call ahead to notify of a suspected Covid-19 infection before obtaining medical assistance in person.