October 21, 2022

At home on the water

From 24 to 27 November BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2022 again features many boat innovations on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. One focus this year is on sustainability, electric boats and living on the water.

Berlin, 21 October 2022 – Berlin and boat innovations belong together. As one of Europe’s leading exhibitions of boats for day trips, sports and family use, this year’s BOAT & FUN BERLIN again features a wide-ranging programme of boat innovations. From 24 to 27 November, at the Berlin boating and leisure exhibition with its special focus on inland waters, the Baltic and coastal areas in the Mediterranean, visitors can again witness many boat innovations and new products exclusively on the grounds. Retailers from around Germany are bringing innovative new products from all the leading international boat brands to Berlin, making the twentieth edition of BOAT & FUN BERLIN the most international to date.

At the top of the list are the following innovations: making its debut on the world stage, the Delphia 10 LoungeTop brings family-size “mindful cruising“ to the German capital and the local region for the first time. Its sister model has been nominated for the Best of Boats Award (BOB) 2022. Chill by – a world innovation from Switzerland – is fully electrically powered and puts the emphasis on laid-back as well as dignified, silent cruising in style.

Among the boats making their Germany debut at BOAT & FUN BERLIN are the high-performance electric Tender X Shore 1 from Sweden, the Neon 910 cabin cruiser from Polish yacht builders Masuria, and the VanVossen 595 aluminium tender, powered by a concealed electric thruster pod. The BOB Award finalist Rand Source 22 from Denmark is also being shown in front of a German audience for the first time in Berlin.

From waterbikes to floating homes

From Aqualine to Zodiac and Bavaria to X Shore, the leading international boat brands are represented with their innovative new products in Berlin. On the evening of the first day of BOAT & FUN BERLIN the best boats from 2022 will receive the Best of Boats Award (BOB), one of Europe’s leading awards for motorboats.

Chilling on the water is one of this year’s big trends. Accordingly, the Berlin boating and leisure exhibition could not be without houseboats, specialist fishing boats and ultra-silent electrically powered boats, for example.

The luxury segment at BOAT & FUN BERLIN has grown again too: fast boats for day trips, large motor yachts and highly innovative water toys such as electric foilboards are a booming market.

The L-class – luxurious, lightweight and laid-back

Still relatively unknown in Germany, but synonymous with the best in boatbuilding in the Mediterranean and now for the first time in Berlin: the Astondoa 377 Coupé from Spain. Shown for the first time to the world a few weeks ago in Cannes, this cruiser motor yacht overwhelms the senses – with its first-class materials, paintwork, textiles and wood. The hull shape and lustre of the ship’s paintwork are a tribute to the blue whale: this weekend leisure boat’s majestic, seemingly aerodynamic lines feature bold angular contours and a modern design approach. Its negative stem profile allows it to “iron out” waves particularly in heavy seas.

Norwegian wood is what the cosy family boats of Marex Boats are all about. The shipbuilder’s name Marex stems from the Latin words mare (sea) and rex (king), which together (sea kings) stand for the mission and quality of the trio on show at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. Also on display alongside the Marex 310 SC and Marex 320 ACC is last year’s Best of Boats Award winner, the Marex 330 SCA.

Also in the running for a BOB Award is the newly launched Delphia brand. The Delphia 10 LoungeTop combines the best of the Lounge and Sedan models. Featuring a large roof which can be fitted with solar panels, this world innovation for leisure tours offers ideal protection against the elements. By 2024 all models by the Polish shipbuilder are to be electrically powered, enabling silent and relaxed cruising on inland waters.

Also on display in Berlin is the large Delphia 12 Fly. This boat for leisure tours has been completely redesigned under Beneteau’s directorship. The Flybridge model offers a splendid view and much more room below deck than the moderate hull size suggests.

Astondoa 377 Coupé auf dem Wasser
Astondoa 377 Coupé

Fast, beautiful and elegant cruising: boats for sports and day trips

Developments in electric and hybrid technology coupled with society’s growing eco-awareness have led to more and more houseboats and yachts being electrically powered. This also applies to Perla Yachts, which are on show for the first time. The 950 cm long Perla 375 GT Hybrid from Poland is a full-fledged aluminum day boat. The indestructible material gives the chic sports cruiser its solid base, while the pleasing design gives the novelty its sporty character. The hybrid engine makes it possible to cruise on sheltered waters as well.

Having exhibited its X Shore 8000 innovation at the BOAT & FUN INWATER in Werder (Havel), the Swedish E-boat pioneer X Shore is bringing its latest design to Berlin: X Shore 1 is the tender-inspired, minimalist version of a fast and handsome electric boat concept. The high-performance 125 kW electric motor takes only a few seconds to power the boat to a top speed of 30 knots. At low speeds it has a range of around 50 nautical miles.

Fresh from being tested by the Best of Boats Award jurors, the compact Rand Source 22 is making its Germany-wide debut in time for the awards ceremony in Berlin. Featuring a centrally mounted helm, racing seats and several social areas, the Source 22 can be flexibly used for family and fun sports occasions. The Danish Open is available with an electric motor or a Mercury outboard engine.

New for this season and already well on the way to becoming a modern classic: the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5. Available in WA and CC versions, the outboard-engined boat has been nominated in the Best for Beginners category for the Best of Boats Award 2022. This boat series’ forgiving handling qualities are legendary.

Jeanneau is treading a new path in boat design with the Cap Camarat 10.5 WA. This day cruiser is a clear departure from the compact sports boats of the CC past with their French flair. With its T-section roof, the Cap Camarat 10.5 WA resembles models with American roots. The high-performance outboard engines are a fitting accompaniment in this case.

Hanse Yachts from Greifswald is launching a new motorboat series with the Ryck 280. Featuring a negative bow profile and a slim, quasi torpedo-shaped hull and outboard engine, this day trip boat’s handling is forgiving. That is also why the boat, named after a small river in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is among the Best for Beginners finalists competing for the Best of Boats Award 2022.

The Opti 520 has no sails, and at 5.20 m is longer than an entry-level boat for young sailing enthusiasts. Its size, weight and price are just about ideal for first-time buyers in search of a boat with two beds for weekend trips. At 750 kg including the engine, equipment and trailer, this cabin boat is a lightweight affair.

The supplier A. W. Niemeyer is bringing a compact new product for the first time to Berlin – as a full set. The OceanBay by awn 16 Tender is available with upholstery, equipment, engine, electrical equipment and a corresponding car trailer for towing, which can even be legally registered on request.

X Shore 1 auf dem Wasser vor dem Sonnenuntergang
X Shore 1

Family boats – where families can get a feel for holidays

The Bavaria SR 36 recommends itself as a boat for a perfect day on the water. With an emphasis on onboard social zones, it features an intelligent spatial design particularly for families on holiday. This combines with very safe handling characteristics and amazingly elegant looks, for which the German-built boat has been nominated in the Best of Family Category for the Best of Boats Award.

The Neon 910 cabin cruiser built by Masuria Yachts is suitable for leisure tours on the water. The semi-open cockpit makes it usable in all weathers – and with its open-plan space concept it is particularly attractive for families with up to two children. At BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2022 the boat is making its first appearance at a German exhibition.

The Seamaster 45 is the latest model and to date most sophisticated boat by Cobra Yachts. The almost futuristic design and luxurious interior are in perfect harmony with the 13.50 m long and 4.30 m wide leisure tour boat from Poland.

The Merry Fisher series is one of Germany’s most popular boat ranges, among other things probably because the format from Jeanneau represents the archetypal family boat – with a dining area astern, a bathing platform and sufficient sleeping space below deck. Three compact models are on display at BOAT & FUN BERLIN: from the MF 695 to the MF 895. The Series 2 Merry Fisher 795, a nominee for the BOB Award, is also on show.

Like wellness on water

For our parents’ generation, an electric train set was a must-have on the wish list of big things. Nowadays, it is electric boats that attract people’s attention. At BOAT & FUN BERLIN at the E-Boat Salon in Hall 3.2, Alfastreet, Canna Boats, Designboats, Flying Shark, Kaebon, Marian, Q Yachts, Spectro and VTS are among the electrically powered models on show. In this segment, which has significantly expanded, Molabo is displaying its zero-emissions and touch-safe 48V Iscad V50 electric drive system.

A special world innovation from Switzerland is coming to Berlin: a cool, open, retro-styled sports boat that harks back to legendary roadsters like the Porsche 356 Speedster from 1954. A look at the modern, sporty E-tender says it all: Chill by puts the emphasis on laid-back as well as dignified, silent cruising in style. The fully electric day cruiser is finished to the highest standards and promises good handling. In its standard configuration with a rotatable 4kW electric motor, the boat can be piloted licence-free on most waters around Europe.

The big attraction of the 5.95 m long aluminium VanVossen E-Tender 595 is the hull, which has been specially designed for use with concealed thruster pods. The Epropulsion 6.0 takes the Dutch day cruiser to a maximum speed of 12 km/h. Travelling at a leisurely 8 km/h the barely audible motor will run for 6.5 hours.

Although the Alfastreet 28 Cabin Electric is making its Berlin debut in November it is already well-known. The model already exists with a built-in drive and outboard engine. Also on display is the Alfastreet 23 Cabin Evo, the larger sister model of the Alfastreet 21, which has been nominated for the Best of Boats Award.

’El-Friede’ and ’Schmidtchen Schleicher’ are the names that belong to the two Bootspunkt boats debuting in Berlin. The Danel brand combines classic styling with ultra-modern technology. Carl Nissen designed this clinker-hulled charismatic boat back in 1978. Now Danish tradition meets modern electric technology. The Danel 455 and Danel 505 are handbuilt. Depending on the configuration of the Waterworld motor and batteries, a range of up to 50 nautical miles is possible.

A silent, zero-emissions, elegant retro design – with its CANNA One, Canna Boats presents an eco-friendly electric motorboat. The 5.50 m long, 1.94 m wide boot with a draught of 0.51 m has room for five.

Chill by
Chill by

A house on the lake

Modern houseboats no longer lag behind in terms of sustainability. Nowadays, zero-emissions, autonomous electric motors are not uncommon any more. Roof surfaces provide space for solar panels and an open-air lounge. These features were on display at the spectacular sneak preview of these comfortable houseboats in the idyllic surroundings on the Havel at the BOAT & FUN INWATER in September. Nautilus, Rollyboot, Flexmarine and SuiteHome Binnenyachten are among the houseboat brands on show at BOAT & FUN BERLIN.

SuiteHome’s new yacht for inland waters is a combination of a houseboat and robust steel boat. The London 20 – which debuted at the BOAT & FUN INWATER in Werder (Havel) – has been designed for unlimited living and travelling on the water. With its attention to design detail, the interior of the 19.80 m long boat made from high-quality steel resembles a stately home. By contrast, the planked upper deck offers an opportunity to enjoy the view. Simply home, sweet home!

For those who enjoy swimming at home the Whirlpool-Boot is just the thing. This compact fun boat with a cabin features a full-size swimming pool on deck with room for eight. A water temperature of 39 degrees and surround canopy ensure a cosy warm atmosphere at all times – with a fireplace as well.

24 to 27 November 2022 | 10.00 am to 6.00 pm
Berlin Expo Center City

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