October 30, 2023

BOAT & FUN: Want to see boats? Come to Berlin!

From 30 November to 3 December 2023 BOAT & FUN BERLIN is presenting trends and innovations from the world of water sports, with an impressive and wide-ranging display of brands and models and a record number of first-time appearances. The boating event in the capital opens on 29 November with the Caribbean-themed Gala Night of Boats. Tickets are available now from the online shop.

For a chance to see boats – the place to be is on the water, or in Berlin. In late November, during the cold winter months, BOAT & FUN BERLIN is one of the largest ports in Europe for boating and water sports fans. From inflatable boats to luxury yachts, from sporty to comfortable. Elegant, modern and innovative. Whether muscle-driven, electric or conventionally motorized: From 30 November to 3 December 2023 BOAT & FUN BERLIN is presenting innovations and trends from the world of water sports and outdoor activities, including numerous premieres and first-time appearances. This is one of Europe’s largest exhibitions of day cruisers, sports and family boats, with a particular focus on inland lakes and waterways, the Baltic and the coastal waters of the Mediterranean.

What makes this comprehensive boat show so fascinating is its surprises and the unexpected. And that is where BOAT & FUN BERLIN, one of Europe’s largest indoor exhibitions, leads the way – with a wider range of brands than at any other event.

“Once again we are showing that Berlin is the place to be, with a wide-ranging, high-quality and really attractive display of brands and models from more countries than ever before. BOAT & FUN BERLIN is a must-see event“, said Daniel Barkowski, project manager of BOAT & FUN. “We are particularly proud of the strong brand and model presence this year. We are not just exhibiting individual models, in some cases we have the entire brand range on display. This lets visitors to BOAT & FUN BERLIN make a direct comparison and get a comprehensive, in-depth overview of the various brands and models. The high demand for tickets shows that this is what the public want. Sales are currently 25 per cent up on 2022, which was a record year.“

Leading international names are displaying their most innovative boats at BOAT & FUN BERLIN, among them Alfastreet, Aqualine, Bavaria, Bayliner, Beneteau, Delphia, Fjord, Galeon, Greenline, Interboat, Hydrolift, Jeanneau, Karnic, Linssen Yachts, Marex, Marian, Mastercraft, Powerboat, Prestige, Quicksilver, Sea Ray, Sessa, Silver, Sorrento, Sterk, Sunbeam, X Shore and many more.

Berlin is a showcase for trade fair debuts. Making its first appearance in Germany, the Marex 440 GC with its gourmet cruiser concept has created an entirely new boating category – one of luxury enjoyment. The Galeon 370 GTO is also debuting in Germany at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. The first of a completely new range of boats by the US industry giant Brunswick, the Navan 30 is on display in the capital only a few weeks after making its world debut. Together with the Sea Ray SLX 260, the Quicksilver 805 Open and the Bayliner M19, all of which are debuting in Berlin, the Navan 30 has been nominated for the Best of Boats Award 2023. At BOAT & FUN BERLIN the Texas 770 Sunday, a classic weekend cruiser, is debuting in Europe, while the Parker 100 Sorrento is being shown in Germany for the first time.

It is not just premieres and innovations that are being celebrated at this year’s BOAT & FUN BERLIN. In November, Linssen Yachts is kicking off an event-packed 75th anniversary year, and on 29 November Marex – Norway’s king of the seas – is marking the shipyard’s fiftieth year at the Gala-Night of Boats. Also at BOAT & FUN BERLIN, the Best of Boats (BOB) Award is for the tenth time honouring this year’s best motorboats.

Overview of innovations and highlights | Motorboats

A selection of print-quality images of boat debuts and innovations for your coverage of the event can be found in our media archive. In all cases the manufacturer owns the copyright. Overviews of sailing boat and electric mobility innovations and highlights will be available soon.

Large cruisers: unlimited enjoyment and long trips

Anyone who enjoys a boat trip wants to savour good cooking on board or on land. And based on experience this is where the quality differences show up. With its new 44-foot yacht, Norway’s boatbuilder Marex has found an answer to the problem – two in fact, because there are two versions of the Marex 440: the ’Gourmet’ and ‘Scandinavian’.

The long-awaited Marex 440 GC is debuting in Germany at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. This premium-class family boat catches the eye with its sharply raked windscreen, which gives the majestic craft a racy, cutting-edge look. The U-shaped galley on the Gourmet cruiser has everything one needs for preparing a good meal. Features include an induction cooker and baking oven, a twin sink and dishwasher, as well as a large fridge/freezer unit. Another highlight is the hydraulically operated window, which can be transformed into a kitchen surface.

At BOAT & FUN BERLIN the prestigious Norwegian manufacturer is featuring four models. On its first outing in the capital in 2019 the Marex 360 CC won the Best of Boats Award in the Best for Family category. The Marex 330 SCA and Marex 310 SC completing the Nordic quartet at BOAT & FUN BERLIN.

The Marex 440 GC motorboat – a sporty 44-foot yacht from the Norwegian shipyard – is sailing across the sea at high speed. To the right and left of the boat, the water is splashing.
Marex 440 GC | Copyright: Shipyard

Premium family boats are what Linssen Yachts, a family-run shipyard in the Netherlands, also makes. Just in time for the boatbuilders’ 75th anniversary next year, the Linssen 55 SL AC Variotop is on display in November in Berlin. Measuring 14.95 metres, it is one of the biggest motor yachts at BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2023. Certified for navigating the open seas, the boat is an eye-catcher and below deck has three luxurious cabins. The Variotop over the wheelhouse is what gives the boat its name. In bad conditions it provides shelter from the elements, and in good weather the canopy can be opened to enjoy the sun while still affording protection from the wind.

What is a boat named ’Fisher’ doing in the premium family boat category? It is made by Jeanneau, whose Merry Fisher range has expanded – from the compact family boat to motor yacht cruiser class. BOAT & FUN BERLIN is featuring the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 1295 Fly, the largest model in the range. The 11.92 metre boat with an observation deck is generously dimensioned. The central stairway leading below deck gives access to a sleeping area with three two-berth cabins. The captain’s quarters in the bow alone take up nearly half the hull’s length. Above deck, Jeanneau has incorporated a special feature. At the push of a button a two-metre aft section of the hull folds outwards, creating an extended sun deck.

The Jeanneau Cap Camarat 10.5 CC, a larger model in Jeanneau’s Cap Camarat range has grown too – with improvements made for bathing and fishing trips. Using a joystick, manoeuvring the boat with its two 600 or 850 HP outboard engines around the marina or over long distances is easy. While the pilot stands under the T-top roof at the helm the rest of the crew can stretch out on large sunloungers in the forward or aft cockpit.

The Galeon 375 GTO is debuting in Germany at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. The inventor of folding side decks, Galeon has also installed two large ones on its new Tony Castro-designed boat, along with two 600 HP V12 engines from Mercury Marine. The Galeon 375 GTO lets one enjoy the breeze. Measuring 11.50 metres, the boat boasts a sliding roof as well as fully retractable port and starboard windows. The navigation equipment is state-of-the-art. The virtual GPS-controlled anchoring system steadies the boat, while a joystick-controlled docking option enables precise harbour manoeuvres into the wind.

One of the largest boats at this year’s BOAT & FUN BERLIN is the Galeon 440 Fly. Additional highlights in the premium class include the Beneteau Gran Turismo 32 sports cruiser and the Beneteau Swift Trawler 35 Fly for lake and inland waterway tours, which features an upper deck and all the amenities.

Weekend boats: clearly a family affair

The Texas 770 Sunday – a classic weekend cruiser, features ample cabin and leisure deck space, even for ten people on board. Measuring 7.62 metres long and 2.48 metres wide, the cabin cruiser can be easily towed. With an onboard WC and gas cooker this boat is good for touring, while the power options of up to 300 HP also permit waterskiing.

Some 1,000 man hours go into making every Bavaria SR 36, a boat recommended for at least as many relaxing hours while holidaying together with the family. With numerous social areas and two cabins, the 36-foot boat offers ample room for ten. The handling of this cruiser is outstanding, and its range is impressive. Thanks to joystick control, harbour manoeuvres are easy.

The Parker 100 Sorrento is made for families with a taste for adventure. As well as having the looks of a big cat the cruiser also has sporting qualities. With its stepped planing hull and a maximum power option of two 350 HP engines this innovative boat, a nominee for this year’s Best of Boats Award, is fast, flexible and safe. With its intelligent layout the sports cruiser gives the impression of being bigger than it actually is. At the push of a button, opening the robust fabric canopy transforms the coupé into a T-top convertible in mere seconds.

After making its world debut at BOAT & FUN INWATER 2023, the Nautic 880 day cruiser is appearing in the Berlin display halls for the first time. With its enclosed deckhouse, the 9-metre family cruiser resembles a leisure boat for cruising and fishing. Below deck there is ample space with three cabins, typical for the designs of this Polish boatbuilder.

Navan C30 is the name of the first model from a boat range with angular looks that only a few weeks ago made its world debut in Cannes and is now appearing in Germany for the first time at BOAT & FUN BERLIN. The cabin cruiser nominated for the Best of Boats Award boasts cross cabin features on a hull over 9 metres in length. The boat has everything two people could wish for, including a shower, air-conditioning, a pantry and electric grill. At the stern the roof has fishing rod mountings, and the bow area has a spacious sun deck.

The Navan C30 motorboat – a nine-meter long cabin cruiser with an angular design – sails across a lake. The lake shore can be seen in the background. To the right and left of the boat, the water is sp
Navan C30 | Copyright: Shipyard

BOAT & FUN: Premium partner and host of the BOB Award

The latest-generation Beneteau Antares 7 is on show in Berlin for the first time. This compact weekend cruiser from France demonstrates what a beginner’s boat should look like in 2023. Features such as a cooking area, sliding roof, panoramic window, sunlounger and bunk can be individually configured for families that want to crew a holiday boat they can tow. It is easy to manoeuvre and safe. The larger Beneteau Antares 8 and Antares 9 are also on display at this year’s BOAT & FUN BERLIN.

Quarken – the name of the Scandinavian motorboat alone attracts attention. It comes from ‘Kvarken’, the Finnish name given to a strait in the Gulf of Bothnia. The Quarken 27, the first day cruiser to come out of the shipyard, was nominated straightaway for this year’s Best of Boats Award. The all-weather Quarken 27 Cabin with an enclosed wheelhouse is on show in Berlin.

Quarken 27 Cabin motorboat cruises the sea at high speed. The all-weather model has a closed wheelhouse. To the right and left of the boat, the water is splashing.
Quarken 27 Cabin | Copyright: Shipyard

In Berlin, the Family category features, among many others, the compact Balt 818 Titanium, a roomy touring boat; the Sessa C3X, an express cruiser from Italy; the handsomely styled Greenline 39, a cruiser from Slovenia; the Janmor 700, a cabin cruiser, and the Jeanneau Merry Fisher 895, an all-rounder for the family. Last year, the Jeanneau Cap Camarat 7.5 was among the finalists competing for the Best of Boats Award. Now it is back and well on the way to becoming a modern classic.

Power boats with a capital “P”

The Sterk 31 RC with its 0.73-metre freeboard, surrounding gangboard and over eight square metres of free space combines the attributes of a spacious leisure craft and fast power boat. There is room for nine visitors on board, and in the forward cabin one can even sleep under open skies.

The dual Yamaha V6 engines, each with an output of 300 HP, are barely audible as one moves off. They accelerate the boat, which is supremely well-balanced and always keeps course, to over 55 knots if desired. They require neither manual nor automatic trim tabs. The Sterk 31 RC has been nominated for the Best of Boats Award in the new Best for Performance category.

Motorboat Sterk 31 RC runs at low speed on the sea. It looks like a mix of spacious bathing boat and a fast bolide.
Sterk 31 RC | Copyright: Shipyard

During the summer, following initial testing by the press, the first boats from the prestigious Norwegian company Hydrolift arrived directly at BOAT & FUN INWATER in Werder an der Havel. Now, these power boats are appearing for the first time in German display halls. The stepped hull of the Hydrolift X-26 suggests high performance coupled with moderate fuel consumption. However, this good-looking boat is also ideal for weekend family outings.

Air vents level with the waterline, a Mercury V8 engine and racing thrust levers all reflect the boat’s racing pedigree. And that is how this 26-foot motorboat performs, at very high speeds in the hands of experienced devotees. The Norwegians insist that every boat built must be fully motorised before it leaves the shipyard. The same applies to the Hydrolift X-22, a smaller but equally fast day cruiser.

The elegantly styled sportsboats of Protagon Yachts come from Greece. The ultra-modern shipyard in Schimatari is where the Protagon 25 day cruiser is built, and at BOAT & FUN it is making its first appearance in Berlin. Measuring 8 metres, the day cruiser offers ample room and amenities for up to 12 people. A fridge and gas cooker are optional extras, while the shower in the stern and an electric WC are standard fittings. The V-shaped stepped hull is optimised for minimum drag, which in turn increases speed and reduces fuel consumption. The maximum power option is 300 HP.

In Italy, seaworthy rigid inflatable boats known as RIBs are a major export success. The luxury sporting inflatables of SPX RIB Italia are new to Germany and are appearing at BOAT & FUN BERLIN for the first time. The arrival of this boatbuilder from Sicily is accompanied by the luxury SPX RIB 32. This sleek high-performance boat can transport up to 16 passengers and is designed to safely navigate the open seas. The spacious aft sun deck with a reclining backrest has three configuration options. The roomy compartment below can be transformed into a cabin if needed – for sweet dreams.

Sportsboats: thumbs up for family sports

After making its summer debut in Europe the brand new Sea Ray SLX 260 is coming to Berlin. The boat is designed for families and sports tours, whether for pulling waterskis or paddle boards, and features a power connection directly on deck.

With its single Mercury Verado V-10, the Sea Ray SLX 260’s performance is almost too good. The 350 HP variant of the new Mercury engine, introduced this spring, is the recommended maximum power choice, while the 300 HP version is also perfectly adequate. The boat runs so smoothly that it usually forgives steering errors. And it is quiet too.

The Quicksilver Activ 805 Open is the largest model of the Activ-Open series. The 7.88-metre boat can be equipped with a 400 HP outboard engine and accommodate up to nine passengers. As well as being an elegant leisure cruiser, with its T-top and fishing rod mountings it can easily be transformed into a fishing boat. Next to the wheelhouse a stairway leads below deck to a cabin with two berths and windows that can be opened.

Bayliner is presenting an unusual boat – a craft with a catamaran likeness and as nimble as a beach buggy: the Bayliner M19. Measuring only 5.79 metres, this boat for beginners – nominated for the Best of Boats Award – has room for eight. The boatbuilder describes its market as “young people, couples and families with children“. The boat sits perfectly in the water and due to its catamaran characteristics, rolling movements are no longer an issue.

The Karnic SL 601 and Karnic SL 702 are certainly not identical. Both of these models from Karnic are well-made and robust high-performance family boats with lots of room for living on the water. However, the two cruisers from Cyprus differ in their handling qualities and design. A cabin cruiser with an enclosed deck, the Karnic SL 702 offers adequate room below deck and inside the cockpit.

On the Karnic SL 601 bow rider, the forward area is where up to three people can come together and relax, read or enjoy the breeze. Both the boats can travel, including on wheels, and be easily towed.

The French boatbuilder Smartliner was established in 2009, and the open-top 5.90-metre Smartliner Sunbreeze 190 does indeed boast a smart design. Built for couples and small families – there is room for six on board – and with a rear outboard engine offering a maximum of 115 HP, it is a high-performance boat and very manoeuvrable. The larger Smartliner Sunbreeze 226, also featuring rounded lines, additionally has two sun decks.

Based on the votes cast in recent years, AMT Boats is among the Finnish brands most popular with the judges of the Best of Boats Award. BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2023 is showing the spacious AMT 190 BR bow rider, which boasts low fuel consumption and excellent handling, as well as the AMT 210 DC, a classic day cruiser with sleeping quarters in the shape of a two-berth cabin.

Also on show, among others, is the inboard-powered Sea Ray 210 SPX, which is towable, the V-hulled Centurion Ri 230, a professional wake surf boat from California, and the 9-metre plus Cobrey 28 SC Ultralight day cruiser from Italy.

Fishing boats: the perfect angling companion

Stable in the water, sufficient storage space for equipment, and with a design and engine that make navigating fishing grounds easy – fishing boats are tailored to anglers’ needs. In addition to the Navan C30, the Quicksilver Activ 805 Open and the Cap Camarat 10.5 CC, experienced and budding fishing enthusiasts can find everything their heart desires, including the entire range of fishing equipment and boats at ANGLING WORLD BERLIN. Germany’s largest trade fair on the popular sport of fishing, which is taking place from 1 to 3 December 2023 in Hall 26 at BOAT & FUN BERLIN, augments the display of motorboats in Berlin with exhibits from international brands, among them Alucrest, Alumacraft, Alumagic, Bolt, Crestliner, Finval, Lund, Marine light, Nitro, North Silver, PikeHunter, Powerboat, Riverfox, Seamachine, Skylla, Tangiri, Thor, Tracker and Vizion. A wide and extensive range of boats designed specifically for fishing fans is the hallmark of ANGLING WORLD BERLIN.

GALA-NIGHT OF BOATS – exclusive preview on 29 November 2023

BOAT & FUN BERLIN traditionally opens with the Gala-Night of Boats. And so it is this year. Taking as its slogan ’Let’s celebrate the Caribbean Night!’, BOAT & FUN BERLIN is extending an invitation to attend an exclusive preview on the eve of the first day of the fair. Visitors can look forward to colourful surroundings, Caribbean sounds, rhythms and dancing, strolling alongside premium and innovative boats, watching show-acts and enjoying the Caribbean atmosphere. Not only is this exclusive preview a perfect chance to escape the winter darkness in Berlin, the Caribbean evening is also an advance opportunity to find out about trends and innovations on, in and around the water in a relaxed and exquisite setting, and to make contact with exhibitors, retailers and like-minded boating enthusiasts.

Tickets to this exclusive preview of the boating and leisure exhibition, which starts at 6 p.m. on 29 November 2023, cost 30 euros and are available online now. As well as the Gala-Night of Boats, tickets are also valid for a visit to BOAT & FUN BERLIN from Thursday, 30 November to Sunday, 3 December between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. On the evening of the gala only the southern entrance will be open, and this can be accessed from Jafféstraße.

Tickets are available online and from all BVG public transport offices and ticket machines

Tickets to BOAT & FUN BERLIN are available from the online shop at The online ticket shop is open 24/7 in the run-up to and on all days of the event. Online, a day ticket costs 17 euros and a two-day ticket 24 euros. By purchasing a ’3 for 2’ ticket for 36 euros, three people can visit together at a reduced rate. A family ticket costs 36 euros and is valid for a maximum of two adults with up to three children aged 6 to 14. Children below the age of six are admitted free of charge.

Attention Berliners: tickets to BOAT & FUN BERLIN can also be purchased from the approximately 700 yellow ticket machines and ticket offices of Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) in the run-up to and during the event. The vouchers obtained can be exchanged for admission tickets at a help desk at the south or north entrance on the exhibition grounds. In cooperation with BVG, ticket machines and offices are selling day tickets for adults and at reduced rates for minors, as well as two-day tickets. Keep a lookout! BVG is advertising them on the screens of ticket machines and the monitors of its customer service centres.

Tickets to BOAT & FUN BERLIN are also valid for the joint events, which are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the days shown below:

AUTO CAMPING CARAVAN | 30 November to 3 December 2023
ANGLING WORLD BERLIN | 1 to 3 December 2023
BERLIN TRAVEL FESTIVAL | 1 to 3 December 2023

30 November to 3 December 2023 | 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Berlin Exhibition Grounds | south entrance (Jafféstraße) and north entrance (Masurenallee)

Additional information on the joint events, opening times, entrances as well as travel information and an updated hall plan of BOAT & FUN BERLIN 2023 can be found online at

Press accreditation for BOAT & FUN BERLIN can be obtained online from October 2023 in the press section of BOAT & FUN.

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Every year during four days in November at BOAT & FUN BERLIN the focus is on leisure, adventure and mobility in, on and around water. The boating and leisure exhibition displays an impressive range of models and brands for boating and outdoor activities in the heart of Europe's largest region for water sports. This is an end-of-season event on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds for water sport enthusiasts to enjoy, where they can find out about the latest trends for next year and try out the hottest new water sports. The comprehensive displays of BOAT & FUN BERLIN are augmented by parallel joint events: in addition to Germany’s largest trade fair on the popular sport of fishing – ANGLINGWORLD BERLIN – AUTO CAMPING CARAVAN, TRANSPORTER DAYS BERLIN and – for the first time this year – the BERLIN TRAVEL FESTIVAL are all taking place under the same roof as BOAT & FUN BERLIN.

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