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Trau Dich!

Come to the TRAU DICH! Village - where you can get to know all facets of water sports for big and small water fans, as a family or alone, as a club and group, and try it out with games, fun, sports, excitement, with brains, with teamwork and a chance to win without getting wet or almost not getting wet. Just dive in and be inspired, there are so many possibilities.

TRAU DICH! e.V. stands for ideal, practical and financial support of the campaign "TRAU DICH! AUFS, ANS UND INS WASSER" (a campaign of BOOT & FUN BERLIN and numerous water sports associations and clubs to introduce water sports to young people in Berlin and Brandenburg).

In the context of the BOOT & FUN BERLIN in November the association TRAU DICH! e.V., creates already for the third time the TRAU DICH! Village in the hall 25 booth 590.

The TRAU DICH! Village is the home port for the exciting hands-on activities on the free school class days (November 24. and 25.) as well as for all children and young people visiting BOOT&FUN BERLIN on the weekend.

There are 10 more ports on this exciting cruise in Hall 25, where you can do more than 15 activities related to water sports.

Skill, speed as well as brains are required and there is something for everyone, no matter what age, and with a little luck you can also win something.

All information about TRAU DICH! is available at